Friday, 28 October 2011

Olympic Hockey Introduction

Hockey is a popular and interesting game for both men and women's all most in every country around the world in which two teams of 11 players takes part in a match and every players of each team tries to score  by hitting or pushing by using hockey sticks the ball in the opposite team goal. Hockey is also called field hockey in some countries.

International tournaments for both men and women organized in all over the world in every year. These tournaments include the the quadrennial Hockey World Cups. Hockey Olympic Games and Hockey Annual Champions Trophies. Hockey has maximum number of participants and it is the third largest game which has maximum number of participants through worldwide . 

 Hockey Day in Canada is an annual special broadcast to celebrate the game in Canada that includes features all afternoon, leading up to a tripleheader of NHL action featuring the seven Canadian teams (Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks). One exception was the 2008 edition that featured four games including two American teams (Detroit and Colorado) along with the six Canadian teams; this was due to the NHL's schedule format at the time, as there was no inter-conference games between Canadian teams. A lot numbers of girls and women's of Canada and United States  takes part in hockey tournaments. Hockey tournaments played in both  Summer and Winter  in almost all countries but in some countries winter prevents hockey match so in those countries indoor hockey tournaments are played during winter.

Many countries have hockey club and tournaments were organized for both junior and senior players. The players Teddington Hockey Club introduced the idea of a striking circle. The first formal hockey game was played in Kingston,Ontario in 1855.after thirty years first national hockey association was formed in 1885 ,Canad. In 1861 the first hockey club was formed in Black-heath. England and Ireland played first international match in 1895.

There are also some types of hockey as ice hockey, street hockey, Air hockey,Beach hockey, Ball hockey, Box hockey, Deck hockey, Floor hockey, Gym hockey, Noak Hockey, Power hockey, Skater hockey, Table hockey and Underwater hockey.

Hockey tournaments was included in Olympic Games in 1908. Only men played this to tournament and first women's Olympic hockey competition was held in 1980,Moscow. Now Olympic Hockey was held in London Olympic games 2012 and the hockey matches will be started from Sunday 29 July to Saturday 11 august at hockey center Olympic park. Olympic Hockey Tickets are available at sport ticket exchange for a reasonable rates. Sports Ticket Exchange is a good source for Olympic Hockey Tickets.

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